Part One of Series One of SIDES will be released to the public on YouTube on FRIDAY NOVEMBER 20 at midnight NZ time. 

That is the first 4 SIDES episodes and 14 extended IN-SIDES audition episodes. 

These episodes feature the talents of Brie Hill, Ashton Brown, Preston O'Brien, David Mackie, Sheena Irving, Morgan Bradley, Jackson the Dog, Tom Kane, Sateki Finau-Baas, Murray Douglas, Caleb Wright, David Rumney Paul Lewis, Antonio Poutoru, Ruth Wynne-Capstick Sarah-Amy Rhind, Stuart Shacklock, Natalie Beran and Simon Ward.

A comedy about a group of actors with a chance to land the role of a lifetime...

The show is gritty and innovative, only involving actors in the creative process. All camera set ups are unmanned, fly on the wall (in many cases with actors not being aware of them) while other cameras are worn by performers (in the style of the British TV series Peep Show). 

The actors improvised in “one-take only” scenarios often having no idea who they would perform with. The results are a scathing and hilarious black comedy set in a New Zealand film talent casting agency, where over the course of a day a dysfunctional set of actors all audition for the part of the “Pilot” in an American Production about a zombie infested airplane about to crash into L.A.